Lakshadweep Samudram is a Five-day cruise to visit the islands of Kavaratti, Kalpeni and Minicoy by ship- M.V Kavaratti. The island tour is organized during the day with lunch and refreshments ashore. Nights are spent on board the ship. M.V Kavaratti has 150 Diamond class accommodations. Swimming, snorkeling and other water sports are arranged during the day' tour.

Children from 1 year and above up to 10 years will be treated as child.

Package Rate for Five Days Lakshadweep Samudram Package.

Class of Accommodation Transportation Cost Tour Charges Tax Total
First (Adult) Rs.18,000/- Rs.12,500/- Rs.1,525/- Rs.32,025/-
First (Child) Rs.14,000/- Rs.8,000/- Rs.1,100/- Rs.23,100/-

Package Include

Note: Under water scuba diving is not included if required guest can avail at Kavaratti paying Rs 1900 per dive at Dolphin dive center of Lakshadweep Tourism, for more details contact water Sports Manager of Paradise hut at Kavaratti Island.

MV Kavaratti. The ships have cafeteria, snack bars, doctor on call, entertainments and upper-deck promenade. Ship facilities include three independent galleys, halls, recreation place with a swimming pool and a helipad.

While planning your travel itinerary please provide a day at Kochi, both one way to Lakshadweep and on the way back. Ship programmes/Itineraries are subject to change without notice due to ships arrival / departure or other unforeseen reasons.

Reporting time to our facilitation desk at the, First floor, Lakshadweep Wharf and Passenger Facilitation Center, Near FCI Godown, Indira Gandhi Road, Willingdon island at 10:00 AM. Ship departure time 12.00 AM.


Kochi (Cochin), The Queen of the Arabian Sea, is the commercial capital and the most cosmopolitan capital of Kerala. Kochi is the landing point for all visitors visiting Kerala, Lakshadweep and was one of a major center of commerce and trade.

Day 1 Departure From Kochi

There will be regular video show on board the ship. A short instructional video show also will be screened depicting the various facilities available on board the ship and about the rules and regulations to be followed by the tourists on board for their own safety and for the safety of co-passengers.

Day 2 Arrival First Island as per schedule

Day 2 Arrival First Island as per schedule

Day 3 Arrival Second Island as per schedule

Day 4 Arrival Third Island as per schedule

Day 5 Arrival Kochi

Kavaratti Island

Location: 10'-33* North Latitude and 72' -38* East Longitude, located 404 kms. from Cochin.

It is the headquarters of the U.T Administration since 1964. You have enough time to explore the island.

The beautiful calm lagoon forms an ideal spot for water sports, swimming and basking on warm sandy beaches. Marine life exhibits can be seen at the new MARINE AQUARIUM which has excellent collection of specimens.

Do not bother if you are not a good swimmer, we have made viewing the exotic underwater world easier for you through our glass bottomed boats.

The Dolphin Dive Center is another attraction for water sports enthusiasts.

The Dolphin Dive Center is another attraction for water sports enthusiasts.(Tourists availing 'Taratashi' package to KAVARATI stay in the tourist huts at the tourist complex. One can also visit KAVARATTI in Taratashi packages.)

Location: 10'-05* North Latitude and 73'-39* East Longitude, located 287 kms. from Cochin.

It is known for its Scenic beauty and the small islets called Tilakkam and Pitti and an uninhabited island on the north called Cheriyam.

A huge shallow lagoon encloses all of them. A peculiar feature of KALPENI atoll is the huge storm bank of coral debris along the eastern and south-eastern shorelines.

It is believed that huge boulders were thrown up during a storm in 1847. It is a progressive island. It was in this island that girls first went to school, when women's education was considered a taboo.

Here, one can swim, reef-walk or water sport on kayaks, sail boat and pedal boat. A visit to the Baniyan Factory and the Light House is also included in the day's program.

Location: 8'-17* North Latitude and 73'-04* east Longitude, located 398 kms. from Cochin.

It is about 10.6 Kms. long: it is the second largest island, the first being ANDROTT. It is the southernmost island in Lakshadweep, crescent shaped and has one of the largest lagoons.

Viringili is the small islet that can be seen on the south. MINICOY is set apart from the northern group of islands by its culture: the islanders are employed as seamen in ocean going vessels the world over.

The island has a systematically arranged village system known as 'Avah'. Each avah is a cluster of houses which is headed by an elected elderly man called Bodukaka. Traditionally all powers to manage village affairs are vested in him.

Each village has a village house beautifully decorated and maintained. Mahl is the spoken language. MINICOY is an important centre for tuna fishing.

The Light House of the island is one of the oldest and was constructed in 1885. One can visit the villages, tuna canning factory, the light house and go for a long drive through dense coconut groves and winding village roads. The beaches have bathing huts and change rooms. So swim and beach walk, Pedal boat, Kayak and Sail. Three Tourist Cottages and a Twenty Bedded Tourist Home have been constructed for the staying tourists.

Kadmath Island

Located between 11° 13° North Latitudes and 72° 47° East Longitudes, 407 km away from Kochi.

Kadmath is 8 km long and only 550 meters wide at its broadest point. In addition to the beautiful shallow lagoon on the west, which is ideal for water sports, there is a narrow lagoon on the east.

The main attractions are the long sandy beaches and sand banks on the southern tip. Tourist huts built amidst palm groves facing the lagoon allow to soak in the pristine beauty of the ecosystem. Kayaks, sailing boats, pedal boats, skiing boats and glass-bottomed boats are available on hire.

A Water Sports Institute functions on the island. Marine Wealth Awareness Package allows to spend 2-4 days on the island enjoying the rich bounty of nature. Kadmat has emerged as one of the most beautiful dive centers in India.

Variety of fishes like rays, sharks, and clear water with 20-50 meter visibility makes it an unparalleled dive destination for scuba divers.


The second largest island in the Lakshadweep chain.Minicoy originally gained prominence as a centre for tuna fishing. Southernmost in geographical orientation, the island owes its growing reputation as a preferred dive site to the presence of three large shipwrecks in relatively shallow seas. One of the wrecks is believed to be the SS Hoechst and the unfortunate events that caused their sinking, probably led to the construction of a lighthouse as far back as 1885.

Wrecks have always proved a strong magnet for divers and the Minicoy trio are virtual underwater museums. The various specious of sealife that abound in the waters around the wrecks are unusually large and the ferrous content leeching from the ruins are thought to be a likely agent of this mutation. Practically all dive sites on Minicoy claim manta ray sightings during September/October and January or February. Other exotic species including shark, bull ray, turtles,jacks,red and black snapper, napoleon wrasse,barracuda,sweetlips giant sweet lips and humpback parrot fish are found in abundance at Bose point,Murambu and Boduhavaligang.


Home to one of the largest lagoons in the island family Kalpeni is emerging rapidly to claim its own share of prominence as an elite dive destination. Apart from its indisputable attraction as a premium dive site, tourists in general can look forward to swimming, snorkelling,reef walking and a wide variety of water sports. Kalpeni is oriented 10 05 N&73 and 39 E on the map and is approximately 300 kms from Kochi on the Indian coast.

Ship Shedule

Dep. Kochi Ship Arr. Kochi Days Islands Adult Rate Child Rate Status
21.04.2018 M.V.Kavaratti 25.04.2018 5 Dsys Kadmat/Kalpeni/Kavaratti Rs.32,025 Rs.23,100 Sold Out
27.04.2018 M.V.Kavaratti 01.05.2018 5 Days Kadmat/Kalpeni/Kavaratti Rs.32,025 Rs.23,100 Available
04.05.2018 M.V.Kavaratti 08.05.2018 5 Days Minicoy/Kavaratti/Kalpeni Rs.32,025 Rs.23,100 Available
11.05.2018 M.V.Kavaratti 15.05.2018 5 Days Kadmat/Kalpeni/Kavaratti Rs.32,025 Rs.23,100 Available
17.05.2018 M.V.Kavaratti 21.05.2018 5 Days Kavaratti/Minicoy/Kadmat Rs.32,025 Rs.23,100 Available
24.05.2018 M.V.Kavaratti 28.05.2018 5 Days Kalpeni/Kavaratti/Minicoy Rs.32,025 Rs.23,100 Available

Some Guidelines while on Lakshadweep Islands

  • All Passengers to hold a valid identity card ( Voters ID / Passport / Driving License)
  • The reporting time is 09.30 am. At First Floor, Lakshadweep Wharf, Opp. FCI Gowdon Willingdon Island, Kochi-3
  • The scheduled ship departure time is 02.00 pm, however the exact time of departure may vary.
  • While on the ship, a representative of SPORTS has been specially designated to assist you. In case of any difficulty, please avail of his services.
  • Please note that ships cannot dock at the islands. The facility to dock the ship is not available on all islands.
  • The passengers will be transferred into boats, which will take them to the island.
  • The person availing the ship packages should be in sound health.
  • Avoid usage of plastic on the islands.
  • Please carry sunscreen lotion, umbrellas, caps, etc. as it may be very hot.
  • Carry a first-aid kit as per your family’s requirements.
  • Carry your special brand cigarettes, cosmetics etc. for use, as only ordinary varieties are available on the islands.
  • Do not litter the land or the water.
  • Do not pick up corals as souvenirs. It is a punishable offense.
  • Do not carry narcotics or drugs. It is prohibited.
  • Do not use alcoholic drink, intoxicants while on the islands and on the ship.
  • Swimming or sunbathing un-clothed is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not go out of your island lagoon without permission of the SPORTS authorities and without a proper escort - it can be risky.
  • Do not pluck tender coconuts yourself. The trees are privately owned and unauthorizedplucking of coconuts is a theft
  • For the Weekend, Lakshadweep Samundram and Coral Reef packages – as you will be spending the full day on the island. Please carry some extra clothes / towels for wash and Change, as the facility to wash and change is available on the island.
  • It is better to arrive one day prior to departure from Cochin to avoid last minute delays.
  • Avoid booking return journey on the day of arrival back at Cochin. Ships arrival timing is subject to weather conditions, current port clearance etc.
  • Mobile: - Only BSNL has range on the islands. Kavaratti and Agatti Airtel available.


  • 20% cancellation charge will be deducted if the booking is cancelled 30 days before departure of the ship.
  • 35% cancellation charge will be deducted if the booking is cancelled between 29th to 10th days before departure of the ship.
  • No refund if cancelled within 10 days before the departure of the ship.


  • 100% refund if the schedule is cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions and/or other unexpected technical faults. No damages/claims will be payable except MONEY paid by them.


  • Consumption of liquor is prohibited in Lakshadweep.
  • Program / Schedule of ship is liable to be changed / cancelled without prior notice. Ships are operated by Lakshadweep Administration. In case of a change in the ship schedule liability of SPORTS is restricted to transporting the tourists back to Cochin by immediate available conveyance of the ship only.
  • Tourists availing LTC may collect LTC certificate room Manager on board at the time of return journey or from our Kochi office on return. Transport and tour change bifurcation is given in the tariff chart.
  • Service tax applicable as per the prevailing Govt. Tax rate.

Please Note: Do not treat quotation mail as confirmation of booking, as we are not holding any booking at the time of quotation, price and services can be changed at the time of confirmation. Confirmation of bookings is only based on written communications.