Silver Sand Ship Package


Silver Sand Package is a one day excursion package to the Island named Kalapeni. Ship departs from Mangalore/Beypore and morning ship reaches Island and departs evening from Island, next day morning returns to Mangalore/Beypore. One full day will be spent with a range of water sports like, snorkeling, kayaking, viewing under water marine life through glass bottomed boats etc.

Domestic and International Tourists can avail this Package Travelling by Semi Sleeper push back seat in AC Hall

Day 1, At Mangalore or Beypore (Calicut Kerala)

Departure port will be subject to the schedule published below from mainland, Guest need to report at the departure port by 10 AM, Check in process will take 30 Mnts after boarding with in 2 Hrs ship will get sail to Lakshadweep, if the boarding before 12 Noon Lunch will be provided in the ship itself. Guest can visit the Bridge (wheel House) after taking permission from the welfare officer and Dinner will be served in the seat by the representative of Lakshadweep tourism (SPORTS) between 7 Pm to 8 Pm /p>

Day 2, At Kalpeni Island as per Schedule

After breakfast will make embarkation process to Island by specially arranged boat by Lakshadweep Tourism (SPORTS) this transfer will take 20 Mts to reach the Island from ship, after welcome drink at the resort will provide water game for the guest and Lunch will be provided in the beach from 1 PM to 2 Pm after a short relax in the beach will make sightseeing of the Island after evening tea by 6 PM will transfer the guest to Departure Jetty for the return boarding to the ship

Day 3, At Mainland (Mangalore or Beypore (Calicut-Kerala)

Ship will get enter to the main land about 9 AM and the ship breath at the port by 10 Am, breakfast will be served at the ship and guest can get down to the land, Guest can proceed to their destination after collecting their baggage.


Kavaratti: - Glass bottomed boat ride, Kayaking, Visit to Fisheries Museum and Folk Dance
Kalpeni: - Snorkeling, Kayaking, Factory visit and Folk Dance.
Minicoy: - Kayaking, Light House visit, Village visit and Folk Dance.
Kadmath: - Kayaking, Glass bottomed boat ride, Factory visit and Folk Dance.
Note: Under water scuba diving is not included if required guest can avail at Island paying Rs.2500/- per dive at Dive center.
Activities available in Islands Kalpeni: - Snorkeling, Kayaking, Factory visit and Folk Dance.

Silver Sand package Departure Dates

S.No Dep. Date Dep. City Ship Arr. Date Arr. city Days Islands Adult Child
1 02.02.2020 Beypore MV.Amindivi 04.02.2020 Beypore 3 Kalpeni Rs.7500 Rs.6500
2 08.02.2020 Beypore MV.Minicoy 10.02.2020 Beypore 3 Kalpeni Rs.7500 Rs.6500
3 15.02.2020 Beypore MV.Aminidivi 17.02.2020 Beypore 3 Kalpeni Rs.7500 Rs.6500
4 22.02.2020 Mangalore MV.Aminidivi 24.02.2020 Mangalore 3 Kalpeni Rs.7500 Rs.6500


Swaying Palm is a package to experience the richness and beauty of marine life of Minicoy island in Lakshadweep. It’s a 6-7 days package to Minicoy Island. Under this package tourist are accommodated in A/C beach rooms/cottages at Minicoy island resort. Mainly ship named M.V.Lakshadweep Sea,M.V.Arabian sea, M.V.Corals & M.V.Lagoons are operating for mainland transfers. We are providing Gold class (second class) and Silver Class (Bunk) cabins in the ship.

S.No Dep. Date Dep. City Ship Arr. Date Arr. city Days Island Adult Child
1 15.02.2020 Cochin MVA SEA 20.02.2020 Cochin 6 nights Minicoy 25,000 23,000
2 19.02.2020 Cochin MVA SEA 24.02.2020 Cochin 6 nights Minicoy 25,000 23,000
3 23.02.2020 Cochin MVA SEA 29.02.2020 Cochin 6 nights Minicoy 25,000 23,000
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